15th century English oak roof bosses

Early 15th century
St Martin Le Grand, York

W left 12 1/4 × H left 13 × D left 5

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Two large English oak roof bosses, first half of the 15th century, one carved with the figure of a man clutching foliage (and probably the portrait of a craftsman), the other carved with a demi-figure of an angel, its lower half subsequently built up with later wood and carved with drapery folds, giving it a circular outline to match its companion piece. For the second piece see the V &A exhibition catalogue Gothic Art for England on page 381 exhibit no 262 for very similar, where it is described as a corbel and as coming from the roof, demolished in about 1870 and replaced, of the church of St Martin le Grand in York. See also the Yorkshire Museums website. It seems likely that both these bosses were salvaged from the demolished roof of St Martin le Grand in about 1870. Important rare collector's piece, possibly the finest pair available. Provenance: Propetry of a North Devon collector.