Renaissance carved oak chest

Circa 1500 - 1520

W 71 1/2 × H 32 3/4 × D 24 5/8

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French Renaissance chest of Royal quality. The front carved with six grotesque panels and applied ornate crockets with beasts and birds. The centre panel carved with the scene of the nativity and above this the original ornate gothic lock plate and hasp with a winged dragon. Twin linenfold side panels. The whole chest is in an untouched superb original condition. Stylistically the chest is a Renaissance piece with the grotesques but clearly is still carrying the gothic elements such as the gothic designed lock plate, gothic linenfold panels and the crocketing to the front. A similar but gothic tracery carved chest is illustrated on page 32 ,Jacqueline Boccador, Le Mobilier Fracais du Moyen Age a la Renaissance. Coffre D'apparat ou de mariage bois de chene.