17th century armorial with the arms of the Lister family

Circa 1628 - 1682

W 36 1/4 × H 36 1/2 × D 4

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A polychrome-painted and carved armorial achievement, with the arms of Walter Lister (1628 - 1682) of Ripon, the sixth son of Sir John Lister (1587 - 1640) of Hull The arms ermine, on a fess sable, three mullets, or, in chief a fleur-de-lys gules [denoting a sixth son], beneath a crest out of a ducal coronet or a stag's head erminois attired argent, all within foliate mantling, applied to a later panel in a later giltwood and ebonised surround, overall 92cm wide x 15cm deep x 93cm high, (36in wide x 5 1/2in deep x 36 1/2in high) FOOTNOTES These arms are those of Walter Lister (1628 - 1682) son of Sir John Lister (1587 - 1640) a prominent man in Kingston-Upon-Hull and Linton, Yorkshire. He was knighted in May 1628. Walter Lister was mayor of Ripon in 1666, and a Commissioner for Wine. He is buried in Ripon Cathedral. There is an engraved paving slab in the South Transept which reads 'Here lyth the body of Mr. Walter Lister, the 6th son of Sir John Lister, late of Kingston-Upon-Hull, Knight, who departed this life the 13th of December, in the yeare of our Lord 1682, aged 54 yeres' [see Thomas Wilson, A Verbatim copy of all the Monuments, Gravestones and other sepulchral memorials in Ripon Cathedral and its Burial Ground (1847)]. The arms are extremely similar to a coat of arms above a fireplace in the Wilberforce Museum in Hull, which was built for Hugh Lister, Walter's brother, in or around 1656, by William Catlyn. The arms are those of Lister, granted in 1612 and thus exclude the fleur-de-lys and are unpainted. They are part of an overmantel which was removed in the 19th century, and returned to the Museum in the early 20th century.