Dudley, Earl of Warwick arms


W 10" × H 12 1/4"

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Dudley, Earl of Warwick, stained glass arms. Arms: Or a lion rampant double queued vert. The arms are environed with the Garter and the whole ensigned with an earl’s coronet. Given the presumed date of manufacture of this panel these arms are those of John Dudley, the 1st Earl of Warwick (born 1504 died 22nd August 1553). John was a Tudor courtier, general, admiral, and politician during the reigns of King Henry VIII and his son, King Edward VI. As mentioned above he was created Earl of Warwick in 1547 and later advanced within the peerage as the Duke of Northumberland in 1551. As with many in the Tudor Court, John was a schemer in that he attempted to put Lady Jane Grey on the English throne, the unfortunate Jane being his daughter-in- law having married John’s younger son, Lord Guildford Dudley in 1553. It ended badly for all three with John being executed on the 22nd August 1553 and Jane and her husband, Guildford following John to the executioner’s block on the 12th February 1554. John appointed as a Knight of the Garter on the 23rd April 1543.

Dudley, Earl of Warwick