Early 16th century oak clamp front chest

Circa 1520

W 57" × H 29" × D 21.75"

Stock # Marh099


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This chest has a very early English look, but is German, carved with two full arcades and varying small roundels above. Later lockplate and replaced top (but period). This chest is made to come completely apart for ease of transport, the sides are dovetailed and this section is removed followed by the side panels etc. There are many type's of this chest in England, in churches mostly and nearly all German not English! There is a very similar arranged chest in Richard Bebb's book on Welsh furniture, page 147. Figure 237. Know as the Borough chest of Brecon and was originally kept in the town hall late 15th century / early 16th century. This one too has two large arcades but with varying roundels below. The chest has a untouched grey surface.