Charles II East Devon chest

Devon, England

W 41.5" × H 24.75" × D 20.5"

Stock # marh0408


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East Devon joined oak chest of unusually high quality. This unassuming chest demonstrates the work of a highly accomplished artisan. Its remarkably sophisticated construction is indicated by the depth and complexity of the abstract foliate and interlace motifs (typical of East Devon) carved on the front and side panels. Undulating vines incised with equal precision run along the rails. The timber is high-quality Baltic stock, and all components and joints are constructed to the tightest tolerances. The most unusual feature is the use of two lidded tills, one on either side of the case. Pristine condition with original, hinges, lock and escutcheon, and both lidded tills. Dry, untouched surface with no evidence of ever having been painted or stained.