German Gothic iron bound Stollentruhe

Circa 1480

W 74 1/2 × H 35 1/2 × D 26 1/4

Stock # Marh344


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Massive north German late Gothic iron bound chest "Stollentruhe" with carved tracery legs. The iron bound straps with fleurs de lys and a butterfly lock plate. This chest in an old condition, the front cut into doors, top fixed down and bottom board replaced, dry dark old untouched surface. A very usable item or a great restoration project. Two near identical chests are pictured in Beschlagene Kisten, die altesten Truhen Westfalens. Page 58 figures 75,76,77,78. Both with the same tracery carved legs and ironwork. These chests date to the end of the 15th century, and were used for the storage of valuables and suits of armour.