James I painted and upholstered armchair

1603 - 1625

W 28" × H 45 3/4" × D 24"

Stock # Marh1804


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James I painted and upholstered armchair of the rarest type. The upholstered back panel and armrest in a deep brown velvet with original crewelwork floral and insect designs. The framework painted in a deep green background and painted with double S-scrolls with floral panels within the turned sections. Make no  mistake painted furniture such as this is rare to the point of being virtually non - existent and only a handful of examples surviving. Tobais Jellinek shows an example from Knole House in his book Early British Chairs and Seats, page 211 plate 262. Another armchair within the Bishop's Throne in Exeter Cathedral also from the early 17th century has its full paint decoration. Provenance: Penrose Manor, The Penrose Estate, Cornwall.