Late Gothic chest front

Circa 1460 1480
Northern France

W 65 1/2 × H 26 1/4

Stock # Marh400


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Late Gothic chest front, of the highest quality. From left to right: St Anthony, with the Tau symbol on his shoulder, fire to his feet and a pig at his foot. Mary Magdalen, holding a jar of ointment and a book. St Catherine, with a spiked wheel at her foot and holding a staff and book. Virgin and Child. St Barbara, standing next to a tower and holding a palm leaf and book, the palm of Martyrdom. St Lucy, the Christian martyr who was stabbed in the neck with a sword, she holds the palm leaf of the martyr and a book. Sebastian, Roman Christian pierced by arrows and tied to a tree. Martyrs. A superb Gothic work of art, with a 15th century lock plate and now framed in a modern metal frame ( which can be removed )