Portrait panel of Francois I

Circa 1530

W 16 3/4" × H 16 3/4" × D 2"

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Early 16th century renaissance carved oak panel depicting the French King Francois I, set within a flat topped arcade with leafy spandrels. The panel was removed from the back of a 20th century chair in the early 16th century style and was a direct copy of another complete original example from Exeter cathedral which Marhamchurch Antiques sold in 2010 (image shown) This panel was also purchased in the 1980's from an auction in Exeter selling items from Exeter cathedral. It is quite possible this was once a pair of 16th century armchairs and one was destroyed in the Blitz of Exeter in 1942 where Exeter cathedral's Vicars hall was destroyed (image of Vicars hall shown here). There is an image of one of the complete chairs in situ in the Vicars hall. The panel would have been saved and restored to match the original example. Traces of burn marks on upper edge.

Provenance: Exeter Cathedral