Renaissance Spanish Vargueno

1580 - 1620

W 44 1/2" × H 60" × D 18 1/2"

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Renaissance Vargueno or Bargueno. The intricate and ornate cluster of drawers and door with further decorated drawers of the finest quality.The carved and gilded architectural features, turned bone columns and finials flank, painted geometric decoration within carved and gilded panels. The drawers split into three sections each with long and short drawers some with secret drawers, and all with wrought iron shell handles.The outer carcass constructed in walnut with wrought iron decoration and handles. The walnut base later.

Spanish writing desks from this period are the most distinctive pieces of Spanish furniture conceived as visual displays of incredible virtuosity. They have been highly prized since the 16th century when they were objects of status for Spanish court culture which required portable furniture to travel within Spain’s global empire.