The Emmaus story tapestry

Circa 1650

W 132" × H 108"

Stock # Marh2680


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17th century Flemish tapestry depicting the story of the road to Emmaus. The Emmaus story appears in Luke 24:13-35 It occurs days after Christ's crucifixion, the same day the women brought spices to Jesus's tomb and found the stone rolled away and Jesus's body nowhere to be found. When the women told the 11 apostles what they had found, and that two angels had spoken to them, reminding them of Christ's resurrection, the apostles did not believe them. Late that same day, as Luke 24 reveals, two men are walking together on a road going to a village called Emmaus. The men are discussing all the events of the past few days, and we see that they are troubled; Luke's account tells us their faces are downcast. Jesus comes alongside them and listens to their conservation, but these men do not know it is Jesus. This lack of recognition is not necessarily their fault. Scripture tells us they were kept from recognising him. When Jesus asks what they are discussing, the men explain their version of the past days events, as well as their disappointment over their hopes, which are seemingly unfulfilled, and confusion about what the women had seen at the tomb.

The Road to Emmaus Tapestry. This is a pair to Marh2681