Late Gothic early Renaissance oak carved buffet

Circa 1520

W 51 1/2 × H 58 1/4 × D 23

Stock # Marh315


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Late Gothic, early Renaissance oak carved buffet. The upper section with the centre panel carved with early renaissance ornament with birds arranged around a vase of lilies, flanking two doors, the facing left door carved with the archangel Gabriel and the facing right door carved with Mary kneeling with a book. The archangel Gabriel appears to Mary holding a lily, which is the symbol of purity during the Annunciation. The Holy spirit is in the form of a dove which hovers above Mary and below this there is a vase of lilies. Very rarely do we see Gothic furniture carved into early furniture, and behind Mary is a large canopied chair and a small table with her book open resting on the top. All the decorative hinges and lock plates original, with the original locks inside, replaced pot board and top board, both drawers 19th century. Other than this in overall good condition.