William and Mary painted chest of drawers

Circa 1690 - 1700
England (with an American association)

W 35 1/2 × H 38 1/2 × D 23 1/4

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A William and Mary chest of drawers circa 1690 - 1700 made from oak and ash. Painted with floral decoration and buildings known as ( The Harvard Chest) This example has had the paint tested and reveals that the paint was laid on to the chest post 1926. A number of similar real painted chests survive and have been called "Harvard chests". However , the brick buildings pictured on the drawer have no connection with any actual structure built at Harvard College. The paint design of white and red lines on black ground simulates the effect of japanning. This design is a spirited example of early New England folk art, of which has parallels in needlework of the period. Overall in very good condition, and a most decorative piece.