Angels at the tomb story tapestry

Circa 1650

W 166" × H 108"

Stock # Marh2681


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17th century Flemish tapestry, depicting the story of the two angels at the tomb of Jesus. Mark recounts how three women — Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome — go at dawn to Christ’s tomb with spices to anoint his body. His burial on Friday had been rushed ahead of the Sabbath, “which was a solemn feast day that year,” and so the trio has come to finish the job. They are preoccupied with a practical problem: how to open the tomb, sealed by a large rock, whose removal was beyond their strength. To their surprise, they find the tomb open and are amazed by two angels sitting there. The angels tells them not to be surprised, then proclaims the central truth of the Christian message: Jesus, the crucified one, is risen! The women are given a message: to tell “the disciples and Peter” that the Risen One will meet them in Galilee.

The story of Two angels at the tomb of Jesus. This is a pair to Marh2680